A downloadable Fike

Hello! Welcome to Fike's Adventure!

You will play as Fike who is an explorer looking for treasures!

Collect all the necessary keys to open the doors of each level!

Resolve puzzles while you jump between platforms using different props!

Music by: ShadyDave https://freesound.org/people/ShadyDave/

Install instructions

Unzip the file "Fikes_Adventure".

Go into the "Fike_Adventure" folder.

Then go into the "WindowsNoEditor" folder.

Launch "Fikes_Adventure.exe"



Fike's Adventure 445 MB


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Great game! It was super fun, visually appealing, and controlled perfectly for a platformer :D

A fantastic and an entertaining game. Some puzzles make you think a bit more, which provides a funnier experience./ Un juego fantástico y entretenido. Algunos rompecabezas te hacen pensar un poco más, lo que proporciona una experiencia más divertida.


There was a typo here and there and the game broke at one point but over all solid game. I didn't try opening it again but I'm sure that would have fixed the issue.

I liked the levels and the art was super cute. 4/5 

I recorded some of the gameplay if you want to check it out before going through the steps to get it yourself.

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Thank you very much for playing it!!!

I watch the whole video and it was so fun, I literally laugh a lot!

Sorry for the bugs and the typo.. It's only me working on this game hahaha, I'll upload a fixed version soon!

Hope you enjoyed it! :)

PD: The message at one of the screens said: I'm so impressed, ngl! hahaha

I really liked playing it I'm really happy you made it :D. I'm super impressed you made this all by yourself!!

I played for about an hour total so there was a lot not in the video and I really enjoyed what I played. I probably would have played through the whole game if the bug didn't make me realize I was playing for so long lol.